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Tree climbing and research in Canopy


We will provide theory and practice knowledge for ascension and research in the canopy of a tropical cloudy forest. You will provide information and practice for ascension techniques as well as for the proper equipment needed for safe climbing and canopy research. The course has been design for students, technicians, professionals and any other person interested on developing canopy research, baseline studies and monitoring.

You can organize your own team to start this course (minimun 8 people). If you want to know about coming dates, click here. 


Course content
- Research in Canopy
- Design of research questions
- Identification of biological groups

- Design of sampling and taking of samples
- Monitoring
- Basic equipment
- Data analysis

Tree climbing techniques

- Types of climbing techniques
- Basic equipment

- Climbing safety
- Selecting a tree
- Knots
- Ascent and abseil
- Tree location


Dr. Federico Rizo Patrón
For. Eng. Eduardo De la Cadena

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