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The current services and facilities offered by CDS as well as those that are in the process of being implemented coupled with the environmental and ecological conditions in this area aim to satisfy the research, outreach education and leisure needs required by our target groups.

Facilities for research

Frog laboratory

Conditioning for monitoring the species involved in the project " Flexibility, selection restrictions and repeated losses and recoveries ear of toads 

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Conditioning for the cultivation of agricultural and forestry species

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Orchid garden

Conditioning for research, identification and cultivation of orchids

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Open area ideal for group activities (presentations, brainstorming ) or for socializing.

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Research permit process

We facilitate the acquisition of the research and exportation permit required by the Peruvian government. The research activities can be carried out inside the YChNP and/or its buffer zone. This service includes:

- Preparation of all application forms, documents, letters

- Translation into Spanish

- Monitoring of submitted documents

- Development of export permits

- Samples shipment


- Areas for socialization

- Equipment for presentations : projector , blackboards, etc.

- Transfers

- Visits to the national park

- Visits to other projects

Additional services
Supported projects
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