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CDS is situated in the buffer zone of the Yanachaga Chemillen National Park in Oxapampa Province, it protects a great quantity of species included in the Oxapampa Ashaninka Yanesha Biosphere Reserve. It is made up of 15.5 hectares of cloud forest, two streams, riparian forests, a reforested area, and areas for cultivation of local fruits.


The current services and facilities offered by CDS as well as those that are in the process of being implemented coupled with the environmental and ecological conditions in this area aim to satisfy the research, outreach education and leisure needs required by our target groups.

Get involved

One of the most important characteristics of cloud forests is their capacity for collecting water by intercepting the clouds. You are invited to be part of our programs and support CDS work by distance.


Cloud forests are defined as ever green, dense and tall forest. Their climate is wet to very wet and they are characterized by a high diversity of epiphytes and endemic species. Today, they are considered one of the most fragile ecosystems on a global scale, especially due to the level of degradation that they suffer as a result of excessive use of their resources and to their wide-scale conversion to agricultural and grazing land.



Like CDS, the park is located in Oxapampa Province, which was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2010 by UNESCO. The park protects approximately 120,000 hectares of forests which contain an extreme biological and cultural richness and plays a major role in providing water for human, agricultural, and industrial consumption in the surrounding region.

Oxapampa promotes a harmonious integration of nature with descendants of both
native populations and European cultures to promote sustainable development
If you would like to learn while visiting natural areas and prefer doing activities on the road less traveled, CDS is a great place for you to visit
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