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Cloud forests are very important ecosystems for the generation and regulation of one of the most precious resources we have: fresh water. However, deforestation in the upper regions of watersheds and especially riverine forests has affected the quality and quantity of water.


With our adopt a stream program, you can collaborate in the development of our water quality monitoring program in the streams of the surrounding area.

We know that to have effective conservation and sustainable development, we cannot do it alone. For this reason, we have developed various extension programs. You can collaborate with one of the following:

  • Bottle recollection program

  • Sustainable construction program

  • Environmental education for elementary school children

  • Capacitation for adults in the region


For more information, please write us an email.

Adopt a Native Tree
Adopt an Orchid

Orchids are beautiful. People really appreciate their beauty, but in many cases this appreciation leads to the extraction of orchids from the forest to be sold in markets and fairs at local, regional, and national levels. As a result, orchids are increasingly difficult to find in forests outside of protected areas.


With our program, you can adopt an orchid to help with the reproduction of these beautiful plants in our orchid garden so that they can be reintroduced into the cloud forest.

Oxapampa has been one of the top exporters of fine wood in all of Perú. This has resulted in a high rate of deforestation in the province. Today there are protected sites, but many other forest remnants still remain affected by illegal deforestation.  


With our program to adopt a native tree, you can work with the reproduction of native tree species that will later be planted in properties in the surrounding area.

Adopt an Extension Program
Adopt a Stream

One way to collaborate with CDS is to participate in one of our adoption programs.


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