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The CDS was born in 2011 to facilitate education, research, conservation, scientific tourism and sustainable development activities. It is located in the San Alberto basin at just 1 km from the main entrance of the Yanachaga Chemillén National Park in Oxapampa, Central Amazon Rainforest, in Peru.

Our aims
Facilitate resources for researching and knowledge developing
Implement education experiences
in the field
Promote models for construction and sustainable businesses
Providing resources and field experiences in the cloud forest for knowledge transfer in research, conservation and sustainable development through education.
Reason why
Contributing with the sustainable development of the BBOAY and facilitating the participation of international and national students in field experiences. 

Our actions are guided by values, which allow us to constantly improve our practices through self-knowledge, honesty, self-criticism, optimism, communication, cooperation, respect, fairness as well as social and environmental responsibility.

Our team
Ph.D. Florencia Trama
Director CDS

Dr. Florencia Trama is a biologist with a PhD in water resources, a master’s degree in Management and Conservation of Wildlife and a specialization in sustainable sanitation. She has spent the last 10 years dedicated to educating target groups about aspects of education, research, and conservation. She has worked with wetlands and specialized in monitoring water quality using aquatic invertebrates.

Ph.D. Federico Rizo Patrón
Research Director CDS

Dr. Federico Rizo Patrón is a biologist with doctoral studies in biology and a master’s degree in Management and Conservation of Wildlife  In the last 5 years he has worked with environmental services and natural resources and has participated in numerous capacitation events for target groups about aspects of the environment and conservation. He has worked with wetlands, the influence of pesticides on wildlife, and has also specialized in the taxonomy and ecology of orchids.

Lic. Liliana Medina Toro
Communication Adviser

Bach. Liliana Medina Toro is a Communication Adviser, specialized on provinding support to social and environmental in Venezuela, Australia and Peru. She has an special interest in the conservation of protected areas and the development of responsible tourism practices. She has attended specialized course of Protected Areas Managemente and Tourism Strategic Management in Protected Areas. 

Mag. Lorena Erbure Cardozo
Programs Coordinator CDS

Mag. Lorena has studied Management of Natural Resources and has a Masters in Management of Natural Protected Areas and Ecoregional Development in Costa Rica. Worked on issues such as environmental policies, management of natural protected areas and buffer zones with indigenous and local communities providing support in the management of their natural resources in Costa Rica and recently in Peru.

Ph.D. Anjali Kumar
Associated ResearcherCDS
Honorary Member CNEH-Perú

Dr. Anjali Kumar is a tropical ecology with interests at the interface of conservation biology and behavioral ecology. Her doctoral research explored the effects of forest fragmentation, elevation on the foraging and movement of army ants (Ecitoninae) in Costa Rica. Anjali has taught several courses in ecology that focus on the application of the scientific method to short term field experiments. She has worked in various tropical ecosystems in Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Through  various facilities, workshops, courses, interpretative tours and projects, we welcome students, technicians, professionals, and other individuals hoping to expand their knowledge or participate in research, conservation, and sustainable development projects.


These are the institutions with whom we share work philosophies and have made links to achieve common goals.

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